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The Author’s Rights

The author in relation to his manuscript (article) owns the rights to use the scientific work. For the promulgation of the manuscript (publication and distribution), the author, within the framework of the copyright agreement, transfers the publisher the right to publish it while retaining the rights to use and distribute his article.

The publisher respects and supports the author in his efforts to demonstrate the value of his research and communicate his results to the scientific community.

For the Journal, the publisher defines these rights as follows:

Authors under the copyright agreement transfer the first edition of the manuscript to the publisher, but reserve the right to:

  • use of their articles for personal purposes, within their organization and for scientific exchange, with a link to the version of the article on the publisher's website;

  • patents, trademarks, and other intellectual property (including primary research data);

  • proper attribution of authorship and source in relation to published manuscripts.

ISSN 2079-6021 (Print)
ISBN 2619-029X (Online)