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Current Issues in Philology and Pedagogical Linguistics
Aktualnye problemi filologii i pedagogicheskoi lingvistiki
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Discourse situation and the problem of understanding within the aspects of reference and communication

Levitsky Andrei E. /

Abstract: The article tackles the referential and communicative aspects of encoding / decoding information rendered in fiction discourse. They are analyzed within the scope of information transfer for reaching understanding. The article proves the value of frames as the structures of knowledge for decoding the information verbalized in the framework of discourse situation. The latter one includes civilizational, ethnocultural, social
and personal constituents. They combination shapes the features of a linguistic personality. Besides, the close connection between the verbal and non-verbal constituents of the utterance to render information has been pinpointed. This approach leads to understanding discourse situation as a cognitive-and-communicative form of knowledge representation in language and speech. Thus, frame is treated as a means of describing, packaging and rendering information about it. The referential aspect of the situation is represented by words, utterances or texts, which represent a fragment of reality. The communicative aspect reflects the verbal interaction of the fiction personages or a writer and a reader. Its frame representation singles out semantic specifics of the utterances and texts. The dynamic structure of the frame is verbalized through text fragments. The essence of the above aspects within the discourse situation proves the superiority of the referential one over the communicational one, because the first one reflects the world described. The structure of the situation verbalized by means of
fiction discourse should be treated as the unity of nominative, communicative and compositional elements. So, understanding of discourse situation triggers co-existence and equal importance of referential and communicative constituents of situation verbalization.

Keywords: understanding, discourse situation, referentiality, communicativeness, frame, presupposion.

For citation: Levitsky A.E. Discourse situation and the problem of understanding within the aspects of reference and communication. Current Issues in Philology and Pedagogical Linguistics.

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ISSN 2079-6021 (Print)
ISBN 2619-029X (Online)